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Okay maybe not. But I made you click, right?

This post is about some crazy stuff in Civil 3D 2016 that should be shouted from the rooftop.

Civil 3D 2016 has been out for a year and is full of great functionality.

Service Pack 2 came out in December 2015 and contains some dramatic updates. Usually, service packs fix a handful of bugs and do not change the interface at all. Unlike most service packs, this one added functionality.

My absolute favorite thing is the "Siteless" feature line. Like alignments, you now can have feature lines in a site or use the <None> option.

Also, Civil 3D lets you continue creating data shortcuts even if the drawing needs to be saved.

If you installed Civil 3D 2016 sp2, stop right now. Download this Hotfix. Apply it PRONTO!

Without this hotfix, the AUDIT command will remove elevation points from feature lines. This is extra freaky in light of the fact that the SP2 readme instructs users to AUDIT drawings containing feature lines exhibiting certain behavior.

In closing, a baby otter cuddling with a kitten:

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