AutoCAD 2017 is Out

AutoCAD 2017 is out as of today (March 21 2016). 

Top questions I've been getting:

Is AutoCAD 2017 Windows 10 compatible?


Is the AutoCAD 2017 file format the same as AutoCAD 2016?

Yes for plain AutoCAD 2017.  
NO for Civil 3D 2017.

All kinds of new functionality is being built into Civil 3D 2017, which requires a new underlying database. That means we are going back to the days of yore when if you upgraded a Civil 3D project to 2013, you could not open it and work on Civil objects in Civil 3D.


If you upgrade a project to Civil 3D 2017 you will not be able to open is and work on Civil 3D objects in any previous version. The "Save as" command only applies to base AutoCAD objects. 

So when is Civil 3D 2017 coming out? 

Settle down, campers. Not for about a month. 

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