Dispatch from Support: Unit Settings in Autodesk ReCap 360

ReCap is a new-ish offering from Autodesk which debuted in spring 2013. I'm still learning the ins and outs, but so far it is very intuitive. The scope of the product very focused on processing laser scans and passing them to other Autodesk products. ReCap Photo is a related tool that can make 3D models from photos.


Today I had a question from one of my users that I was a little embarrassed not to know off the top of my head. "Where do I set the project units in ReCap 360?"

By default, a new ReCap 360 project will start up in meters, but it is quite easy to change.

1- Go into Preferences

2- Set the project units to feet.

3- Once feet is set, you can choose foot types of International or US (meaning US Survey feet).

I recommend clearing the checkbox for "auto appropriate unit." If you keep that setting on, you'll get feet and miles as units (which might not be relevant to your project.)

Then click OK. No scaling is performed.

ReCap stands for "reality capture," but today is Friday and I'm about to let go of reality for 50-some hours! 

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