Dispatch from Support: "Not enough free RAM for HIDE--some lines will be hidden incorrectly."

Today one of my users got the error in AutoCAD 2014: Not enough free RAM for HIDE--some lines will be hidden incorrectly.  

This was on a brand new laptop with 16 gig of RAM. In the support request, the user did not mention the make or model of the video card, but my suspicion went directly to it.

Here is my answer to the problem:

The most likely cause for the error you are seeing is the graphics card. Knowing that the new machine is a laptop, I'm concerned that the video card that is being used does not meet the hardware requirements for Autocad 2014.  In the following link, you can check to see if your graphics card is supported.

If you find your card on the list, check the recommended driver version against the installed driver version. **It is important to note that the recommended graphics driver for use with AutoCAD is not always the most recent one that Windows update automatically finds from the manufacturer.  Your IT folks will need to log in as admin to change the graphics driver.

If the graphics card and driver both check out as supported, the next thing to check is that you are using the dedicated graphics card and not the onboard graphics. Right-click the shortcut to find the Run with Graphics Processor options as shown in the below image:

Be sure AutoCAD is using the dedicated graphics card and not the integrated card.

If your video card does not appear as one of the supported cards, or if you only have an integrated graphics card, you will likely see other performance and graphics "quirks." The good news is that there is a work-around for your specific issue. In Autocad, you can work in the 3D wireframe visual style (rather than the default 2D wireframe visual style).

So hopefully that did the trick.