A New Blogging Epoch - Civil 3D 2013 Cometh

Welcome to Civil 3D Etcetera. 

Damn, I forgot how fun it is to express myself in blog form. No editors to worry about, I can use words like "I" and "we", not worrying about how my colloquialisms read and I can write about what I'm into that day - not what I *must* write about (I can use asterisks for emphasis!). It is the tech-writing equivalent to taking your bra off after a long day.

This a great time to start a new blog.  Just a few minutes ago I uploaded my last "fresh" chapter for Mastering Civil 3D 2013. Today is also the first day that Autodesk is releasing information about the 2013 product line.

I am eager to write about the features that are coming. From writing Mastering, I'm already spoiled by some of the new assembly creation tools. Seriously, you're going to love it.
So far, just a trickle of information is available to the public, but watch this space for lots more information in the coming day or two.

So what else is going on?

In addition to writing the next edition of Mastering Civil 3D, I've been spending tons of time training the WisDOT consultant community. You name em, if they've built or designed a road in Wisconsin, I've probably trained that company (or my co-worker has).  WisDOT has just migrated to 2012 (from 2010) and so far everything has been going smoothly.  I've been working very closely with the end-users and the the department that's been migrating/improving/developing and communicating standards.

After working with so many Microstation users, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to understand base-AutoCAD fundamentals before getting into Civil 3D. The smart groups have been open to taking my two-day crash-course for users migrating to Autocad-based products from Microstation.  When you work in CAD long enough, regardless of the platform, the mouse clicks and general behavior become second nature.  You pan, zoom and hit ESC without thinking about it. Take a Microstation user who has to stop and think about how to de-select something in Civil 3D, and you've added yet another thing to get used to.

This goes for base AutoCAD users as well. If the last version of AutoCAD you used was pre-ribbon, spend some time getting acquainted with the new interface.  Better yet, take an update class. Civil 3D classes are expensive - get the base cad out of the way so you can learn more sweet corridor-creation tricks in the time you have with me.

Hasta manyana

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