Civil 3D, Et Cetera

Why a new Civil 3D Blog?
I've been looking forward to a fresh start, psychologically and technologically.  I'm no longer a novice of Civil 3D and my audience is looking for a deeper level of advice. Bad juju was following me around from my old blog and I just wanted to get away from it.  After 5 years, the layout was tired. No matter how much tweaking I did, I never liked the look of it.  The format of the old blog did not translate well to Blogger's new dynamic views. 

Moving my blog feels a lot like moving to a new office - the desk is not yet encrusted with my coffee rings and I can arrange it however I want.

In this blog I plan on discussing:
  • Civil 3D
  • 3DS Max 
  • Map 3D
  • The odd Revit interaction with Civil 3D
  • Raster Design
  • Other random stuff per my discretion
  • Et cetera
Hope to see you here frequently.