SCCM: Advanced Deployment Tools for Autodesk Products

SCCM (or System Center Configuration Manager) is a Microsoft tool for deploying products and managing systems from a central location. Many organizations use this product for doing everything from distributing software to tweaking the registry to managing security updates. There are similar tools by competitors to Microsoft of course, the most common ones I bump into are Alteris, Zenworks and LANdesk to name a few, but Microsoft SCCM seems to rule the roost.

Autodesk products deploy nicely with SCCM, and full instructions on how to do this can be found here.

Depending on the task you are trying to perform with SCCM, you may need product ID numbers. These are the crazy-looking alpha-numeric codes used by Windows to uniquely identify installer and uninstaller resources. You can find these codes after a deployment is created in the text files located in the SMS_SCCM Scripts folder.

If you are trying to create a fancier script than what Autodesk deployments make for you, it can be tedious to gather the information from each product, add-on and service pack. I found a tool that will provide these numbers for any product MSI file. This is not an Autodesk tool, a colleague pointed me to it in an IT forum.

I've tested it to verify that it works and does not do anything harmful to the files.

The link will take you to a zip of a VB script. Extract the VB script to a convenient location, such as the desktop.  Drag and drop any MSI file onto the VBS icon.  The result will be a text file (automatically saved to the same directory as the MSI) that shows the product code at the bottom. 

Odds are, you have no idea what I'm talking about. Count yourself lucky! For those of you have been hoping to find a published list of product ID numbers - this tool is even better.

Happy Friday.

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