A Club that Would Have me as a Member

The following is the edited and condensed version of the 1200 word essay I had prepared (and decided to spare the world from):

This is the "hey I work at Autodesk now" blog post.  I vow to keep it real.

The end.

Here's my kick-ass new desk(full disclosure, it has gotten much messier since this photo was taken):

I'm now working as a Premium Support Specialist in the Enterprise Priority Support team. For companies who are on one of these "Cadillac" support plans I act as technical concierge. I'm matched up with a just handful of ginormous civil engineering firms and make sure their technical support issues are addressed. If a question comes in that isn't in my wheelhouse, I find someone who can answer it.

This form of tech support is the kind I've always wished for at the reseller level. For most resellers, tech support is free (or ridiculously cheap). Frankly, you get what you pay for on this front. With a small number of customers, I can focus on actual solutions, not just closing cases to keep my metrics up.  If needed, I can escalate needs/wants/desires to developers. (Oh yeah...)

So if you are in downtown SF hit me up, I'll give you a private tour of the Autodesk gallery.

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  1. "If needed, I can escalate needs/wants/desires to developers. (Oh yeah...)"

    I like this!!