Sidewalk with Subbase and Optional Subbase Extension

After three years of the thing being available, I've finally gotten around to digging into subassembly composer (or SAC as the kids call it).

The following zip contains a sidewalk subassembly that many consultants back in Wisconsin asked for. Previously, we used generic links and generic pavement structures to do the same thing. Here is an all-in-one, P.I.A.-free subassembly.

The zip contains:

  • SidewalkwSubbase.pkt file
  • SWwSB.png for the tool palette thumbnail
  • SidewalkwSubbase.htm the main help file
  • SidewalkwSubbase_files folder for supporting the help file
When creating a surface model from Datum links, it is important to use the "Bottom Links" option in the corridor properties. This is true for many subbassemblies - but especially where there are deliberate extensions.

If you find any issues with it let me know - but don't be whiny about it. I'm providing this out of the goodness of my heart, so be kind.


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